Brief History of Rotary in Turkey

The Rotarian magazine in Turkey in 1920, was published two detailed articles about Ataturk and the Revolution in 1930. Rotary club founded in 1928 is based on studies in Turkey. Rotary International Rotarians in Middle Eastern countries were introduced with the individual touch .. For this purpose, "Rotary's Marco Polo" James, known as W. Davidson came to Turkey with his family in August 1928 and found various initiatives. Rotary-related information by visiting Davidson Minister Şükrü Kaya Transfer Period. However, the Rotary movement in the circumstances of that year did not lead to anyone in Turkey.  

Rotary International interest in Turkey, but 1950 - 1952 years was heard. But Rotary International journalist Falih Rifki Atay, writer and journalist Ahmet Emin Yalman, a history professor Ahmet Sukru Esmer, Ankara University Faculty of Law lecturer Professor Münci bid to build his club to Kapani could not be implemented. The Interior Ministry said in Ankara in a petition to establish a Rotary club; Rotary is an organization of only male members of specific "violation of the Constitution, the equality of men and women" because of "red" was the answer. 

In 1953, some time after this unsuccessful attempt, the period of the Rotary International President J. Serratos to Cibils Lebanon, Egypt, Bahrain, UAE, Jordan and Cyprus, covering 245 of the region's Governor Augustin J. Catoni through the issue of establishing a Rotary club in Turkey on It picked up again.  

Catoni, Ankara hosted a dinner at the famous restaurant Karpiç and invited Turkish and foreign businessmen believe that will form the core of Ankara Rotary Club dinner. Invited businessmen Ottoman Bank in 'the Ankara Branch Manager Enter Cevat, PanAm Airlines Turkey General Manager Walter Pederson, Melih Çalıkkocaoğl the future young engineers who will build Tekfen Berker, Necati had also Akçağlılar and Nihat Gökyiğit. 

Cato, the American Export Lines, director Ankara Branch and during the study in the USA has adopted quite informed about Rotary Oguzhan Koraltan found the proposal to establish a Rotary club in Turkey. 

Starting in 1953, work was done by the first preparations to fruition. President Celal Bayar during his official visit to the United States, Rotary International President J. Cibils gave information about Rotary Serratos to negotiate with him. 

Koraltan Oguzhan In 1954, businessman Nail Avunduk and has completed all preparations for the founding committee consisting Ankara Law School faculty member Professor Mukbil from Özyörük and "Ankara Rotary Club" founded its first meeting on March 24, 1954 the day was realized in Ankara Palas hall. 

Oguzhan the transport from Ankara to Istanbul Koraltan here Rifat Bereket Ismail Hakki Kutbay Kazim Tashkent, Eli Rosental, Hilmi nail on February 8, 1956 and Barlo "Istanbul Rotary" club founded. The first meeting of the Istanbul Hilton Hotel on July 24, 1957, which the club Rotary International Charter document was accepted. Charter December 23, 1957 Rotary International Vice President Augustin day was given by J. Catone the club's president. 

Turkey is the third club "Izmir Rotary Club" made January 9, 1962 the first meeting of the day and picked Charter Document on May 2, 1963.  

The fourth club in Turkey, which held its first meeting June 12, 1963 Çelikpalas day in the hotel "Bursa Rotary Club" roll. 

The number of Rotary clubs in Turkey rose to 6 in 1966. In 1968, "Turkey Management Consultancy" has accelerated with the establishment of development. Number of Clubs in 1968 8, 1970 11, 1972 14, 1974 16, 1976 22, was 30 in 1978. Ten-year period, the growth rate of this year stood at 2.4 club. 

In 1980 Turkey won the Rotary International District 243 identity. After that, development was faster. 31 clubs in 1980 reached 78 huts in 1987.  

In 1988, Turkey was divided into two regions. 242 West Zone and East Zone was 243. 82 clubs in 1988, 136 in 1993 came hut. District 242 in 1993 and 243 in 2420. The region was coded region in 2430. 

In 1994, Turkey was divided into three zones. Istanbul and Marmara environment of District 2420, has Central and Eastern Anatolia Region 2430 and 2440. If the region code. 150 club in 1994 and 2013 reached 234 as of June hut. 


As of June 2013 in Turkey;

2420 Rotary Club in District 81,

2430 Rotary Club of District 88,

  1. 65 in the region, including the Rotary Club and Rotary Club has 234 members total 6080 Rotarians d.

The first Rotaract club in Turkey since the beginning of 1968 to establish the world sponsored by the Rotary Club of Cankaya and Rtn. Melih Çalıkkocaoğlu of their work "Cankaya Rotaract Club" was founded in 1982 with the name.