What is Rotary ?

Rotary believes in the protection of the goodwill and peace in the world and business and professional services in this area, which is an organization that has joined Rotarians world wide. In all occupations, serving humanity is the goal of promoting the highest ethical standards.

Rotary's purpose is to serve honorably regarded as the basis of all initiatives to promote the ideal of developing, and in particular;

  • Considered as an opportunity for service to the development of acquaintance
  • Business and the recognition of their profession and work and each Rotarian's occupation as a value to be virtuous, to the exaltation counting an opportunity to serve society,
  • The ideal of service in each Rotarian's personal, business community as well as the life of the application,
  • The ideal of service by establishing relations of friendship between the various worldwide business and professional people united, international mutual understanding, goodwill and peace is to develop ideal.

Rotary ideal of service that is required is a worldwide fellowship organization consisting of business and professional people to come together in order to promote the implementation in practice both individual and collective.

Rotary ideal of service on the basis of understanding among nations around the world, the development of peaceful relations and goodwill, to strive for the promotion and encouragement.

Each Rotary Club, to ensure the representation of social life and to serve as a common objective of Rotary, choose any profession.

As the first step of lasting friendship, acquaintance in order to develop, the regular club meeting certain minimum number of participation is a requirement for continued membership.

Rotary Clubs, Rotarians provide their own private or business and the opportunity to sample high ethical standards in their professional lives.

Every Rotarian, religious and political views, concerns itself only. 

Rotary is also working hard for the younger generation to work towards the conduct of training and development services, it has established the Interact and Rotaract Youth Club under its sponsorship.