Long Term Exchange Program

Every year, around  the world 7000-8000 16-18 years of age participated in this program.

Are you one of these young men do not want to be you? Exchange Students as continuing to mold the school with a host family in the country you go for a year, a new language, learn a new lifestyle, you do not want yourself again and get to know better?


Rotary Exchange Student Objectives 

  • Help international understanding and goodwill
  • Get to know the country's culture and lifestyle, to tell them about their culture;
  • Meet and develop friendships with people of different countries;
  • After returning to the country to share their experiences with the environment and save the information.


Rotary Long-Term Student Exchange Program to be selected as a candidate must be a student of Ataturk's Principles and students are committed to our secular Republic of Turkey. In this regard, the slightest hesitation, at whatever stage of the deduction that if the program get the student committee decision identified as candidate programs shall be excluded. High schools aşmamışl 18 years of age and equivalent school students will be able to apply to the program. Year as the program will not be accepted any candidate other than this limit. However, the difference in days and months, candidates will be evaluated by the Audit Committee if they do not accept the Rotary district abroad.


Candidates of the student's family had been application of the Rotary Club of residence must be in the city. 

Rotary Club of candidates must take absolute pre-interview. 

Rotary Club of which will determine the members nominated and hosted a club for students and as a consultant said Rotarian name, address, phone, etc. information specifying the application form, must also sign the application form, the consultant.

Families selected children's program, an exchange student at the time of the future must accommodate children go for 1 year.  




  1. The student does not come to your home to sit with him and talk friendly procedures and rules in your home you tell him (complete with a questionnaire prepared in this regard). Cooking time of the evening, the couple should return home, can receive what you want when you want the life of the refrigerator, the washing of dirty and how it would be ironed, can not be replaced by domestic drinking a glass of wine or beer, etc. Give students clear information about topics such.  These issues will reduce the problems that may occur later if they have done from the beginning.

  2. Explain your requests for telephone conversations. Please let the local calls, although not for long. Do not allow for talks between the nations must depend on you or make a payment. Please show tolerance Christmas and disease states. 
  3. The student must attend school and consists of precise, indicate strongly that the necessary programs and school principal, consultant and absenteeism without permission trio certainly tell you can not be tolerated,
  4. whether the student allergic to anything, ask that restrictive diets,
  5. Do not worry about writing to ensure that the student's family,
  6. Local bus routes, postal fees, provide information about train services.
  7. helped students receive school uniforms,
  8. Introduce the chief himself, taking his school the first day of school,
  9. Each month make the necessary arrangements to receive the Rotary Club of money,

10  money brought by the students and ensure to deliver the passport to the Youth Exchange Committee

  1. Student spoil. To show the special guest treatment. A member of your family acted like him, allow your children to participate in his daily work,
  2. as far as possible, by obtaining the permission of the school principal, allow the student to attend Rotary meetings
  3. A consultant has been appointed for you and your students, you will benefit from it!
  4. After the district committees will be applied to the student's arrival orientation program to explain the rules to him.
  5. Students certainly can not use motor vehicle (car, motorcycle ect.), And if you use even when you can not take back the motorcycles,
  6. Finally, your students act as your own children. Do not forget that which is wrong for your child to correct the wrong and correct it.


Long-Term Student Exchange Program Rules

Rotary club or selected by an exchange program of students are required to accept the following rules and conditions.


Exchange Program of the Final Rules and Conditions:


Failure to comply will result in immediate repatriation of the student's home.

  1. comply with the laws of the host country; breach of any laws and if found guilty students, the club chosen by his own country and / or should not expect any help from the region. Students will be released by the authorities of the country where repatriation is not allowed.
  2. Students are prohibited to possess or use drugs. Use or possession of drugs constitutes a serious crime in Turkey and many other countries in the program is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will require the student to be sent back to his country as soon as possible.
  3. Students will not use absolutely no motorized vehicles. This prohibition, boats, tractors, engines, including snowmobiles applies to all motor vehicles. Do not attempt to take license in the student's program; If license is required to use even.
  4. is expressly forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages. This rule also applies in the country where the legal age for students that are suitable to drink.
  5. Theft is expressly forbidden.
  6. Unauthorized travel is not allowed. Students must abide by the rules of their travel. Students will not be required to travel outside their scheduled flights of certain well-known companies. However, it will be permitted to provide written consent from their parents.
  7. The student is obliged to attend school and the school must try to succeed.
  8. It is difficult to make a life and health insurance of the student to be accepted by.
  9. Students to him by the Youth Exchange Committee welcomed the region is obliged to abide by the rules and conditions.


Other Terms and Conditions:  

Followed by region and may result in noncompliance returned.


1    is not recommended to smoking. If the application form stated that cigarette smoking is considered that using all year. Your acceptance and host family placement is carried out according to the form that he had signed.

  1. Welcomes the family of the rules of the house to be a part of such duties and obligations must comply with the family's other children. Welcomes respect the family's wishes. Students that shape family life had to be able to adapt itself must do its utmost. The host family must never forget that it's not owe anything. On the contrary, the landlord is indebted to them for the material and spiritual sacrifices made ​​to accommodate him. Local, long-distance and international phone calls of the nation can not do without permission. All his phone expenses belong to the students.

3    is not obliged to take the family to bring the students. However, if he can help in the urban transport issues he wants.

  1. Learn the language of your host country. The student's language learning efforts teachers, parents, members of the Rotary Club and is appreciated by the people in the region. To impose itself in a place where lifelong friendships are necessary for the start of the last.

5    students; hosts should participate in family and Rotary activities. Which he is invited attention to domestic and Rotary activities. Proposals must be waiting for the participants and volunteers. Indifference to the future of the student exchange program could damage him have a negative effect.

  1. Students are obliged to attend high school uniform. To attend school activities and school authorities to do their homework to decide which course will be held responsible for the yükümlüdür.kendi bağlıdır.seyahat and the tour must be taken to coincide with school holidays. Students also clothes, makeup and hair hairdresser in areas such as school regulations strictly obliged to obey. Free time at school and should be planned with school friends, only with other exchange students must spend all their spare time. 
  2. Friends must be chosen carefully. Selection of family in friends, should rest with the recommendations of the school staff and Rotary counselor. It is not obliged to accept the first invitation. Circle of friends should be created with the approval of the host family.
  3. Do not borrow money. Students; It is immediately pay its own bills. The phone bill should be made ​​to seek permission when using the phone's parents pay your host family abroad on a regular basis every month. 
  4. Students can not travel alone and with other students. Rotary / District may participate in the activities with an adult. Other trips; welcomes in committee, club, it can occur with the written permission of the host family and the natural family. 
  5. Students must learn their responsibilities and are invited to the charge before going on any trip or activity.
  6. Students must be full of the required vaccines. 

12  students during the exchange year is necessary in order to feel comfortable and have enough financial support. For a certain amount of students who may want to block accommodated in emergency money. Change unused money is returned to the student at the end of the program. When the desired amount of students have to deliver it to the country that hosted the Rotary Club welcomed. This is not money for the student's daily expenses. 

  1. In case of an early return to the student's country or tours, other costs are the responsibility of the student's own natural family as private lessons. 

14  outside of the student's mandatory repatriation or early departure before 49 weeks pursuant to valid excuse not to return to the country. 

15  students; It is the responsibility of the region which hosts during the exchange program. Parents should avoid giving their children permission for extra activities. If the student has relatives in the host country or region has no authority over the program.

16  end of the program students must take place as previously decided by the district and his family return to their homes. If the student is necessarily written permission of the family wants to return to his country with an indirect way, should the entourage tried to make the trip possible. If you violate this rule will be out of action from the moment that the program does not work and insurance. 

17  parents in the lifetime of the program is expected to be visited by relatives or friends. The realization of such a visit and entertain the club's permission and towards the end of the program, vacation time should be implemented.

  1. Students will attend the meeting as it came from the hands of the Rotary Club. The Rotary Club will provide the necessary information in this regard. The student's personal schedule coincides with the priorities of the Rotary program when asked olacaktır.öğrenc Rotary Club and Rotaract Club agrees to speak at. Students should pay attention to the clothing in Rotary activities should not participate in activities with jeans and T-shirts. It also goes on to hail the request of the committee and participate in the orientation camp from students. The only excuse might diseases. 
  2. If students if you need to travel to school time;
  3. Auto Stop is strictly prohibited. 
  4. Consultant by means of written approval from the school administration,
  5. The landlord permission of the family,

23  get the permission of the long-term student exchange committee 

  1. provide information to the Consultant, 

25  must notify the responsible youth exchanges Rotary club.

  1. If you want to go sightseeing in the school holidays without the permission of the school principal must implement all other transactions.  

27  long-term student exchange committee chairman for Rotary District a journey to be made ​​outside the borders must necessarily permit.

  1. Students are not allowed to organize their own trips. Students participating in the tour will be organized by the Regional Committee of the Rotary Club or the opportunity to see the country can be achieved.
  2. Students can organize a trip by direct contact with another Rotary club.
  3. Students return route as stipulated in the charge of the committee is to make the shortest possible route.
  4. is obliged to return to the country at the end of first year students. However, the early departure are not welcome. Desirable, Christmas and New Year here is seeing how they celebrated passing. Without reservation to return in coming from a student must have booked within 60 days. Some airway consists of the long waiting list for a specific time. Detached and allow travel not alone.
  5. Students must provide visa and residence permit renewal time. The consultant will help the Rotary club in this regard. 
  6. Students whatever reason early return or expenses that arise due to be sent to the student's own family, will belong. 
  7. Students must declare that there is no other than that specified in the application form of any dietary or medical problems.