Our Aim

Full promoting valuable enterprise of basic services is considered ideal and development, Development and evaluation of acquaintance as an opportunity for service, The promotion of business and professional life of high moral standards, and recognition of the value of all useful occupations, and each Rotarian's appreciation of their business and profession, community service opportunities to promote and counting, Each Rotarian's "ideal of service" of personal life, work life and social life and professional practice, Ideally, the service business and professional leaders united in the understanding between nations by establishing relations of friendship around the world, good faith and the promotion of peace, as defined. Rotary according to these principles; It is a concept and way of life. It is a social and not hidden in any way. It develops international familiarity. It allows the development of friendship and companionship. It provides the opportunity to exchange information between business and professional men. Business and professional men gives you the ability to be supportive to each other. Friendship and companionship in the atmosphere creates a more humane society. With constructive work to develop the leadership skills make them useful members of society. The development of relations between the state and the world becomes the means to achieve universal peace. Rotary's ideal of service BEFORE THE SELF-SERVICE It is defined as. This perspective indicates an attitude that encompasses the entire world Rotarians airports and the service principle of all the people on Earth will bring together in a common purpose. As of July 2006, 1.200.000'n people united in the ideal of service above 30.000 exceeding a member of the Rotary Club. Rotary Club membership is invitation only and on up to 5 of the occupational groups in the region, or the number of members in the club with more than 50 people to the number of club members with the election of 10% occurs. The purpose of the classification of the Rotary Club; of all jobs and professions in the region it is to ensure that each club have a complete cross-section. Rotarians; order where there is confusion, beauty where there is ugliness, it strives to be the loneliness and misunderstanding in order to create happiness and health. According to this principle, Rotary; friendship in the air and a neutral environment in religion, race and political opinion is an organization working to ensure the coming together of different people. Accordingly thoughts and opinions avoiding partisan activities which often cause division among the people, even if different to the development of cooperation and understanding help for combined use. Rotarians; everywhere and served with facilities in every direction. Rotaery that; Job is the person who thought only as a means of livelihood. Rotarians are business and professional for a means to serve the survival and others. Besides, the country and from every Rotarian is expected to be loyal to their faith. Some political and religious opinion is a matter concerning his person alone. Initially forwarded to increasingly aim is understanding the business and professional people of the continuous interest alone solidarity schedule Rotary which will be enough to attract service vision before him in an enterprise view for solidarity and vision increasingly widespread and has been adopted. Rotary principles, the rights granted membership prohibit the use for commercial benefit. Indeed, every Rotarian must agree, "Business and Professional Declaration of Rotarians" the last paragraph: "Business and professional relationships in normal as I know others priorities and advantages of the Rotarians recognize and accept the same way Rotarian other priorities in my friends and advantages for the business owner and professional to wait a Rotarian and declare" is called. The basic approach of Rotary, the people and create common values ​​and internationally, is closer to the people and to contribute to global peace. Individuals in each country, will support everything that serves to hold the country's Taking issue with the government. This is often not the style of personal mobility, the people they met NGOs hand occurs. Rotary, as different from other non-governmental aid organizations are not an association, or a lone-knit community. Rotary is not made in the form of charity or help predict iana. Rotary Kwanis founded in 1915, was founded in 1917 and established in 1919 has been an example to organizations such as the Lions Optimist and Zonta, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization UNESCO is an organization that has paved the establishment. Rotary Clubs and Rotarians, they each work plans and they managed to find the way to reach the goal within the programs of Rotary Rotary offers. Clubs and members of Rotary programs will continue to grow as a service provider they can apply and will continue to respect the best he had seen in all the world. Mexico Convention until 1935 collected six principles of Rotary's purpose, the 1951 Convention in Atlantic City has been reduced to one substance that consists of four sections. A Rotarian from the following four subjects will be asked to develop and encourage. The development of acquaintance be considered an opportunity for service, Installation of high ethical standards in business and professions, the recognition that the useful and worthy of all jobs and their job each Rotarian's occupation as an opportunity to elevate its service to the community, The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian's personal, business and community life of their own, Business and professional leaders united in the ideal of service in the promotion of mutual understanding and goodwill, and peace by establishing friendly relations worldwide.