Short Term Exchange Program

Short-Term Student Exchange Program, the longest follow Rotary International
is one of the lasting and most successful programs. They are between 1-6 weeks
of mutual student exchanges with time. This program is 16-21 years old high school or
college students to help them recognize the world through cross-border exchange
to be carried out to youth and intercultural understanding and tolerance development


  • What types of short-term change is concerned?

Short-term exchange program "Family to Family Change (Step Exchange)" and "camps"
are two different types being. 

  • What is the difference between the family and the family to change camps?

"Family to family change" (step eXchange) program of 4-6 weeks' homestay
must stay "and is a mutual exchange program. This program usually Brazil, South
Africa, mutually realized with the southern hemisphere countries such as Mexico.
Usually the child of the family with whom the Turkish students during the next change
that Turkey is the guest of the student's family. Retention times and dates will change
for students, they are determined according to their own schedule. The usual change dates
in July for Turkish students and August, foreigners are the December-January period.
"Camps" is usually the starting and ending place in the period between 10-21 days
date that certain, each of a total of 10-16 students, including from different countries
can participate, a prominent subject (history, nature, sports, music, etc.), which are programs. Camping
in the program stays completely hotel / camping etc. or partially hotel / camping etc. partially
be in the form of the family as well. 

  • Transnational exchange system How does it work?

Rotary that each country / region's youth services committee
has. These committees will organize short-term camping or make
knowledge base of the possibilities of change they want the family to family and youth exchange officials
will share with other countries using the network. Age group, öğrencisayı, date, content, etc. After reaching many more invitations in other countries including the authorities, quotas are filled with correspondence. The other party officials after receiving approval to declare the names of students in accordance with the specifications in the invitation on the internet, they reach the official English has invited application forms by fax or mail. After the expiry of the quota set for the camp will be announced and the full application of this program to be redirected to other programs provided. Countries that tend to accept the invitation camp usually one student from each country. So, 15
in the men's camp about 2-3 students from the same country, a student from 15 different countries
are expected to be found. 

  • Which age group, students can apply to this program?

Students can apply for the program between 16-21 years of age. 

  • Application What can be done in such a way?

Short-term exchange programs can not be a candidate in person. All candidates for District 2430
members to be proposed by a club in the club and the club signed form
must be signed by the authorities. Described in more detail below
after completion of the application process to be delivered to the address specified form
is required. 

  • What are the programs related payment obligations of the applicants?

All candidates who apply, (USD 220) must make a donation. Candidates placed on the program, plus a visa, plane ticket, are obliged to meet the personal expenses such as travel insurance and pocket money. Going stay in the country, such as food and trip expenses will be borne by the host country. Some camps held abroad is paid. This fee is required to transport students to achieve during camp or with camp before the camp area. 

  • Where can the application form?

English and the application form, including two Turkish www.rye2430.org must fill downloading from adresindekilink. 

Please do not forget to read the information document about how you fill out the application form!


  • Forms must be filled out and how to escape copies?

Forms must be completed on the computer. Sloppy filled with no photos, incomplete information, Rotary club unsigned forms are absolutely not addressed. 1 copy of the original English form, one copy of the replicated copy drawing (must be wet signature on both copies), with photographs and in English (Regional Committee does not provide translation services), and the Turkish form must be completed in one copy. The second and third copies of the English forms may be color copier. Students are required to submit the photocopy of the passport in addition to the form. Please do not forget to read the information document about how you fill out the application form. 

  • What is the most sensitive issues to be dealt with on filling in the application form stage?

Contact phone and especially email - details as to the correct form of writing is very important. With prospective students at the placement stage of the committee members after the placement takes place basically means email addresses are used in contact with students who are placed officials of foreign countries. Regular Checking or not notified for a while after closing addresses of the committee members, may cause breakage and the loss of the right to communicate. This will be refunded the cost of the contribution is paid entirely the responsibility of the candidate. 

  • What should be done after you have filled in the application form?

Prospective students and parents carefully filled nominating forms must be signed by the Rotary club by the authorities. Signatures on forms completed "donate" a copy of the bank receipt indicating that I should be attached and sent by mail or by hand to the Rotary Center. 

  • Is placed in a program who can not return done?

Yup. 175 USD portion of the donations made by the candidates are placed in a program fails to be returned to them. But this only covers the situation can not be made by the Audit Committee of the placement. Placement, although it is possible, is not a significant reason other than illness or family reasons, such as 1 degree the loss of refund concerned individuals who want to exit the program. Candidates who wish to apply may request a refund of the amount and the next year of the application. In this case, without any action next year, they are located primarily on the candidate list. 

  • When placing the program will begin and will continue until when?

The process can be done from the opposite side of the candidates placed on the program, so call
can be made ​​with the arrival of invitation from host country. Invite usually continues until the end of May will start in March. Therefore, the installation can take up to early June from March. 

  • What will the family and clubs in the placement process?

That invitations from family and country club arrive placement made ​​in this process
there is nothing to be made ​​of the authorities. Applicants coming from countries they want to
age specified in the invitation, if you meet the language etc. Terms candidates to those of a member of our committee
after transferring detailed information about the candidate phone call program, go
requires a precise confirmation of whether to go. 

Students nominated committee should consider whether the application unless a development sought by authorities. Or the country in which the request has not yet invited any camp, or that the conditions specified in the invitation are expected to further invitations from other countries that comply with the specifications of that candidate. Show devotion to their own busy life, taking part in a short period of committee members committee which contribute to the exchange program, the candidate of the family or as being beneficial to Rotary clubs acceleration due officials often phones searched they do or change, in the time allotted for change of members should be reminded that it favors. Please choose to communicate via e-mail your message in the process. 

  • Placement process operates in what way?

Applicants from countries where the age specified in the invitation to go, language etc features candidates call in a member of our committee if they conform to those candidates after the transfer of detailed information about the program, go to a definitive confirmation that it will go or not. 

Candidate inviting after accepting the program authorized in Rotary Turkish candidate's name, age and general information are notified by e-mail and originals, immediately following the official application form is sent by regular mail to authorities in that country. Official confirmation about the definitive adoption of the program comes from the opposite side of the island in 1-2 weeks. 

  • What are their respective work places where they go after certain people who settled on an exchange program?

Placement is completed the students, the country will go, will participate in the start and end dates of the camp, features, and can, which was the airport to send off, it means the name of a foreign official for change and they know all your contact information. After this stage, until it goes all the responsibility of students and their families.  

Students learned that this information and having placed first in the invitation and the date of the initial reported according to the city by booking airline has the benefit of taking out. Summer is difficult to find places closer aircraft left the ground unable to find flights last moment unable to participate in the exchange of students has experienced a lot of experience.  

Things to another process in the preparation of the passport is. Time to extend the validity of the expired passport without delay of at least 1 month before the application of the new passports are useful in making changes. 

The final stage, receiving the visa is. 

Airline ticket is received, airlines flight preparations will be made for them to do to meet the authorities of the country of destination, flight number and arrival time as claimed in touch with the gereklibilgi must be notified to the competent foreigners. 2-3 days before departure to be no problem in meeting these officials conducted searches and flight information are useful to ensure that the receipt of. 

  • Visa transactions will be like? Does it change anything for the committee?

Short-term student exchange is made ​​with a tourist visa is no special treatment. Families with children he was just sending a holiday will receive such a visa. Families ready to set up the required documents and contact the appropriate consulate for a visa is the responsibility of the candidates. Having red and green passport is useful to confirm whether students should also receive a visa by calling consulates. Travel insurance to students before a visa is also required when making reservations. 

Be left to the last moment of visa procedures done early is recommended. In some countries a visa can be considered from getting take several months.


In addition to the basic documents if students abroad as a student to be a document that went to participate in the exchange program requested it be given a printed letter to our committee. 

Especially in 4-6 weeks visa, if you need to be stronger than the file will be given to the consulate, prepare a letter describing the program committee may be requested by contacting by e-mail. We were in contact with a similar letter in the destination country may be requested from the foreign authorities. Correspondence in case of such a request must be made by the student or family. 

Please letter from the committee will be asked to "e-mail" and "early" Please pay attention to the request.


  • Is an exchange of information before the exchange program for those who settled in the meeting held?

Yup. at least two weeks before the date set to go abroad and students in an auditorium and an information meeting will be held with their families. Here you will be informed about the purpose and functioning of the program, students and families of questions will be answered. 

  • What will be bringing in an exchange program of briefings while the settlers as well?

Each student can participate with the advice and consent of a Rotary club in this exchange program. Therefore, it is necessary to take 3 clubs in the country to exchange their flag to go and participate in a meeting of the Rotary club of the students who nominated themselves settled before a program. Before going abroad you may be asked to participate in this briefing confirmed their participation in the meeting of students and club flags.